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Christmas Temping with AM CityGrad 9.11.16

On Wednesday 9th November we invited 7 handpicked undergraduates to our Christmas 2016 Temping event in collaboration with Katie Bard. After a quick chat, things got underway, with Carl and Charlie giving their presentation - complete with a customised Christmas prezi. The presentation included a rundown of the company and of the current job market in Birmingham.

Then the group split into two to participate in an Apprentice style roleplay. They had to come up with a new theme for hypothetical expansion of the German Market, while factoring in budget and logistical restrictions.

Carl and Charlie were on hand to look out for key skills such as organisation, time keeping, team work and creativity. They also filled out feedback forms to be written up and sent back to the attendees so that everyone got to take something productive away from the event.

To everyone who was there Wednesday afternoon, it was great to meet you all and thanks for coming!

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