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7 Great British Bake Off Reactions That Every Undergraduate Will Understand

As PE teacher Candice Brown takes home the title of seventh Bake Off Champion, we decided to look back on seven years of great memories - sometimes sticky, sometimes sweet. In honour of the last ever episode of the Great British Bake Off as we know it (goodbye Mel, goodbye Sue, goodbye Mary), here are seven reactions you might be able to relate to your times at university.

1. Trying to achieve the right balance of uni work, social life, extracurriculars, and sleep.

2. And sometimes failing, like this.

3. But also sometimes (not often) managing to get the balance right, like this

4. When two of your housemates do the same course, so you watch them leave for lectures together and nurse your feelings of exclusion from the doorstep.

5. When talking about the ratio of vodka to mixer in the predrinks punch, and then giving it a few extra 'splashes' for good luck.

6. Checking your bank account for the first time, in the sixth week of term...

7. ...And having to be honest when your mum says 'You spent it all on drinks and going out, didn't you?'

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