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6 Examples of Times Donald Trump's Election Campaign Resembled A Graduate Job Search

Rather than being the highly polished performance one might expect of a presidential election campaign, Donald Trump's has been a roller-coaster of tantrums and unpredictable reactions. So much so, in fact, that the people of the internet have likened it to a teenager writing a book report on a book they've never read. The Twitter trend, dubbed #TrumpBookReport, was sparked by a single tweet from St Louis Alderman Antonio French.

Here's six times Trump's campaign looked a lot like a recent graduate thrown in the deep end.

1. When someone asks you what you’ve been doing with all your free time now you've finished Uni, and your only answer is that you rewatched all 6 seasons of Game of Thrones in two weeks

2. When someone asks you when you're finally going to start adulting and find a 'proper job'

3. When your older relative expresses surprise at you not walking straight into a job after graduating, 'since you spent so much money on getting a degree'

4. When an interviewer asks you about the last time you showed dedication and persistent effort

5. When the application form has a section asking why you think the company should hire you, so you diligently list all your soft skills and work experience... but have to fight the temptation to add this in at the end

6. When you sent off one application and realise you left a typing error in the covering letter, so you decide to just give up and resign yourself to a life of unemployment, cat memes and Netflix marathons

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