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The Aston Apprentice - 13.10.16

Yesterday we were delighted to host an event at our offices and engage with a number of Aston University students who are looking for their placement year jobs!

The idea of this event was to meet some of these students, see their skills in action and for them to network with our consultants at AM CityGrad and Katie Bard. To do this, we set them a fun challenge in the style of 'The Apprentice' and their task was to create a marketing campaign for the sport of SlamBall!

The teams worked brilliantly together to invent street marketing strategies and exploit social media avenues in order to promote the sport of SlamBall to students in Birmingham. We saw some brilliant organisation, communication and leadership skills expressed by many of the students before they presented their creative marketing strategies to us!

Overall the event was a great success and we met some fantastic, determined and motivated placement year students. In line with our commitment to student and graduate recruitment at AM CityGrad, we hope to try and help as many of these students as we can in getting the most out of their placement years.

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