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The Local Graduate Job Search Event - 05.10.16

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting the Local Graduate Job Search Event. We engaged with over 40 recent graduates from the University of Birmingham and it was brilliant to talk with and listen to the thoughts of so many high-calibre graduates.

The event was hosted by Katie Bard and AM CityGrad in connection with the University of Birmingham Careers Network and it aimed to inform the graduates on what recruitment agencies can do for them in their graduate job hunt.

It began with a fantastic presentation from Verity and Carl explaining the graduate job market in Birmingham, highlighting important things to consider when job hunting and busting all the myths about recruitment agencies. This was followed by a couple of testimonials (including one by my very self) from graduates who have used recruitment agencies to help them find their current jobs.

The graduates were then split into groups to discuss a variety of topics including "What is your experience of different interview and application processes?", "Where are you finding jobs advertised?" and "How has your degree supported your career choice?". The feedback from this exercise was very interesting and extremely useful.

The Careers Network team briefly rounded off the event before all the graduates were invited to our offices for a glass of wine (or two!) to chat to all of the recruitment consultants at Katie Bard.

Overall, the event was a great success and a massive thank you needs to be given to Verity and Carl for leading the presentation, the rest of the Enterprise Team at Katie Bard for their involvement and Sarah and Yasmin from the Careers Network for making this event happen! Hopefully this will be the first of many more events engaging with the talented graduate pool that the University of Birmingham has to offer.

P.S. Here's me and Ruth enjoying the event from the back...

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