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Graduate Employability Workshop - 'Brand You' - 29/09/2016

We had the first in our series of Graduate Employability Workshops yesterday and I am delighted to say that the event was a great success! Excitingly, one of the attendees was put in a position less than an hour after the event and many of the others are currently being seriously considered for other roles too!

We engaged with eight brilliant graduates/students from the West Midlands area who had studied at various universities across the country. One of our attendees was actually only invited in the morning of the event due to his rather alternative approach to job seeking... (see the BBC article below!).

The workshop began with a presentation on the Birmingham graduate market. We then offered our 'Brand You' presentation which involved a cover letter exercise as well as our tips on how to present yourself at interview. All of the graduates seemed to find it very informative and useful for their graduate job hunts!

We then got all of our graduates to create their own Video CVs! This turned out to be great fun and the attendees now have some brilliant 60 second clips expressing themselves and their personalities!

We wish all the graduates who came yesterday the best of luck in their graduate job hunts and we look forward to hosting many more of these workshops in the future!

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