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Do you empower your employees?

Despite a growing emphasis being placed on the importance of higher education, there is concern over the proportion of overqualified graduates working in low-skilled jobs. Projected figures indicate that 56% of graduates are in non graduate jobs with a further 1 in 12 graduates still in low-skilled work.

Better technologies are removing the need for decision making and creative thinking, both traits associated with high-skilled jobs. There are therefore concerns that with a saturated graduate market, employers are increasing their entry tariffs for employment without increasing the difficulty of work undertaken.

Although, 95% of on-campus marketing is linked to top graduate employers, Small Medium Enterprises actually make up the bulk of the hiring companies. These companies can harness the potential of the graduates by offering flexibility in the job role for the graduates to develop into the high-skilled labour force.

We refer to this as employee empowerment and it involves the continuous process of supporting employee development by the provision of tools, training, encouragement and motivation. By investing in your employees, you are more likely to establish a loyal work force.

Do you empower your staff? Are you a progressive employer? Take our quiz below to find out how progressive your organisation is.

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